Many of you have been asking us “how can I tell if my Air Jordan 5 3Lab5 “Black Infrared” are fake
?” Well today we bring you another Legit Check and this time it’s for the Air Jordan 5 3Lab5 “Black Infrared”. This is the second installment in the new “3Lab5” series which will be dropping on December 31st, 2013. This is the last official Air Jordan release of 2013. We have some tips and photos below that you can use to Legit Check your Air Jordan 5 3Lab5 “Black Infrared”. You can use this information to avoid purchasing fakes and getting ripped off.

Fake Air Jordan 5 3Lab5 “Black Infrared”: In the “fake” photos below you can see how the black upper is extremely light, the outsole looks terrible plus it’s all bumpy, the icy sole is a very light blue when it’s suppose to be darker, and the red on the midsole is very dark.




Real Air Jordan 5 3Lab5 “Black Infrared”: In the “real” photos below you can tell that the shoe is suppose to be much darker than the fakes above, the midsole is suppose to be a lot smoother, the icy sole is correct shade of blue, and the red on the midsole is much lighter which is exactly how it should be.




TIP 1:
These shoes will be retailing for $225, they will be limited so if you’re not purchasing a pair from retailer you will be paying atleast $300 for a real pair after it’s release. Any pair you see for cheaper online will be 99% of the time FAKE.

TIP 2:
Do not buy these from websites with sketchy names such as “Wholesale Jordans”, unless you’re buying these from a legit seller on Ebay or an official website such as you will most likely be purchasing fakes.

Air Joran 5 3Lab5 “Black Infrared” Release Date

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