History hasn’t exactly been equally kind to the two cultural relics of 1990 smashed together on this sneaker custom. The Air Jordan V is outfitted here with a Vanilla Ice inspired colorway, one that will only make sense to true fans of that whitest of rappers. If you can’t figure out-the neon palette attached is borrowed from the original single art for his hit “Ice Ice Baby”. Yes, singles used to actually be in stores and people bought them. Continue reading for a more complete look at this special Air Jordan V creation and then give us a heads up if you approve of Freaker Sneaks remix work.

Air-Jordan-V-Vanilla-Ice-1 Air-Jordan-V-Vanilla-Ice-2 Air-Jordan-V-Vanilla-Ice-3 Air-Jordan-V-Vanilla-Ice-4 Air-Jordan-V-Vanilla-Ice-5

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